Gopher Damage Feature

Crop Insurance includes gopher damage as an insured cause of loss under both the Establishment Benefit and yield-loss components of the multi-peril program. All crops for which SCIC offers establishment coverage qualify for the Gopher Damage feature.

During the establishment period, customers have two options for acres damaged by gophers:

1. Receive an establishment indemnity; or

2. the Gopher Damage feature.

If a customer chooses to file an establishment claim, standard eligibility applies. Any subsequent crop seeded on those acres is eligible for further establishment and yield-loss coverage.

The intention of the Gopher Damage feature is to provide customers an opportunity to control the gopher population. Compensation is provided at $50 per acre for crop acres destroyed by gophers. Such acres are not eligible for further insurance within the current program year. The deadline for Gopher Damage claims is the date yield-loss coverage began for that crop, after which further damage is eligible for yield-loss coverage only.

There is a deductible of one acre per crop per legal land description. Gopher claims must be filed by June 20 for all crops except greenfeed, on which claims must be submitted by June 30. Contact your local customer service office for more details.