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Program Eligibility

Insurance is available to any producer who meets SCIC eligibility requirements. Crop Insurance regulations require contract holders to demonstrate legal, operational and financial independence from all other producers in order to be eligible.

All new applicants are required to fill out an application to demonstrate eligibility. Legal independence is defined as legal access to the land (owned or leased) on which insured crops will be grown. Operational independence means you are responsible for farming decisions and have access to machinery and crop storage. Financial independence means you bear the financial risk of any crop loss. SCIC may review existing contracts to ensure they meet eligibility requirements. Where concerns are identified, the contract holder will be advised of the requirements in order to maintain their contract.

To apply for a contract, visit your local customer service office or call 1.888.935.0000 to meet with us before March 31 of the insurable year. You must apply for a Contract of Insurance in person. Non-residents of Canada applying for a contract must have verification of approval or compliance from the Saskatchewan Farm Land Security Board.