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The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation is a provincial Treasury Board Crown Corporation established by an Act of the Legislature.

As joint federal-provincial programs, Crop Insurance and AgriStability are subject to the following acts, regulations and agreements:

  • Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP),
  • Farm Income Protection Act (federal),
  • Canada Production Insurance Regulations (federal),
  • The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation Act,
  • The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation Regulations,
  • The Livestock Price Insurance Program Regulations (provincial),
  • Federal-Provincial AgriInsurance Agreement,
  • Operational Document related to the Canadian Agricultural Partnership:
  • Federal-Provincial AgriInsurance Agreement, Income Tax Act (federal),
  • Financial Administration Act (provincial),
  • Federal/Provincial/ Territorial Agreement with respect to AgriStability and AgriInvest,
  • AgriStability Program Guidelines (federal/provincial) and Canada- Saskatchewan Bilateral Agreement Implementing the Livestock Price Insurance Program.
  • The Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is governed under the provincial Farm Financial Stability Act and Wildlife Damage and Livestock Predation Regulations.

SCIC has complied with the provisions of these authorities.