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Irrigation Coverage

Coverage for crops grown on irrigated land that is reflective of the higher yield potential. Coverage is available for crops grown on irrigated and dryland land uses. To reflect the higher production potential and reduced risk of irrigated crop production, coverage is based on individual irrigated production records, and the premium rate is reduced to a percentage of the dryland rate. Producers contribute 40 per cent of the premium cost and governments contribute 60 per cent.

With the exception of the Enhanced Irrigation Program option, production from all acres of an insured crop, both dryland and irrigated, is combined when calculating a claim for a crop.

Enhanced Irrigation

To recognize the unique risks associated with irrigated crop production, SCIC is continuing the Enhanced Irrigation Program option. The program allows irrigated producers to further tailor their insurance by allowing a separate production guarantee for irrigated and dryland acres of the same crop. Coverage and claims on irrigated acres of a crop is calculated separately from a claim on the dryland acres of the same crop. This allows a customer to be protected against losses on one land use without being impacted by the production of the same crop on the other land use.

Under the terms of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, this enhanced option requires the customer to pay 66.7 per cent of the premium. However, the provincial government contributes the premium required to reduce the customer premium share to 40 per cent, as in other program options.

If you opted for the Enhanced Irrigation Program last year, it will be listed on your Confirmation of Insurance in your endorsement package. If you wish to discontinue this coverage you must contact your local customer service office. Customers wishing to select this option for the first time must contact Saskatchewan Crop Insurance. Customers are required to harvest and store irrigated and dryland production separately in order to be eligible for separate dryland and irrigated coverage. Please contact your customer service office for customer specific details.