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Preventing Program Abuse

All customers pay the price for dishonest claims through higher premiums. SCIC’s Compliance unit assists in maintaining a fair program, ensuring every premium dollar collected goes to farmers who experience uncontrollable losses.

An audit is a formal examination of your farming records, land and grain storage facilities by an SCIC employee. Performed year-round, there are many reasons you might be selected for an audit.

  • Random, computer-generated selection
  • High indemnity-to-premium ratio
  • Unusually high dockage on claims
  • Unusual or a history of repeated claims
  • Complaints from internal or external sources
  • Anonymous tip through Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers

Audits are also conducted to ensure the fairness and accuracy of employees’ work. During an audit, you may be asked to produce farming records and allow access to your farm for matters arising from the contract of insurance. As a condition of your contract of insurance, SCIC can access your operational information from grain companies or other individuals and organizations.

If false or misleading information is discovered, your contract could be terminated and any excess money returned to the Corporation. Insurance may be voided for the crop year in which the fraudulent action occurred and will remain void until the Corporation approves reinstatement of the contract. Any premiums paid on voided contracts may not be returned and any unpaid premiums will remain owed.

If you suspect program abuse, file a complaint at any SCIC customer service office or contact Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.