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The Forage Rainfall Insurance Program, Corn Rainfall Program, and the Corn Heat Unit Program were introduced to provide producers with options to tailor their coverage to their operation and expand on limited coverage options for non-traditional crops.

Forage Rainfall Insurance Program

Protecting pasture and hayland in the event seasonal precipitation is below the long-term average.

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Corn Heat Unit Insurance Program

Insures against a lack of corn heat units for corn acres over the growing season.

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Corn Rainfall Insurance Program

Insures against a lack of moisture for corn acres over the growing season.

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Coverage Basics

Weather-Based Program Network

Using 186 weather stations to gain accurate assessment of precipitations and temperatures.

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Weather Station Locations

The location and selection of weather stations used in SCIC's weather derivative programs.

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Weather Data

Access statistical information relating to SCIC's Weather-Based Programs.

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Weather-Based Program Premium Calculator

Generate a report with Weather-Based Programs data. In the event of discrepancies, station selection and coverage calculations performed by the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation will be considered valid.