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Harvest Production Declaration

Production information is used to calculate annual yield and must be submitted before you can register a post-harvest claim and no later than November 15.

Declaring Your Yields

In the fall, you are mailed a Production Declaration form. The deadline to submit your declaration is November 15. All program forms and instructions guides are available here.

Contact your local SCIC office (phone, mail, fax, or deliver in person), or use CropConnect to report your production and register a claim.

Report your detailed net production, accounting for weight and dockage, by individual field on your Production Declaration.

Even if you are not in a claim position, reporting your production each year updates your individual yield history and your future coverage. This information must be provided to SCIC before you can register any yield-loss claims.

The Production Declaration serves two important functions for your Crop Insurance contract:

  • Production information is used to calculate your annual yield.
    If you do not complete a Production Declaration, your annual yield will be set at zero, reducing your future coverage by 10 per cent for each year you fail to report.
  • Production Declaration information must be submitted before you can register a post-harvest claim and should be filed as soon as you finish harvest.
    This makes the claim process more efficient, allowing us to better allocate our adjusting resources. Reporting detailed production as soon as harvest is complete will allow claims to be processed quicker and any potential payments issued sooner.

SCIC verifies a percentage of all declarations.

Declaring Forage Yields

As with all SCIC yield-loss programs, your insured forage crop annual production is used to calculate claims and update your individual yield guarantee. If you do not provide this information, your annual yield will be set equal to the guaranteed production, thereby reducing future coverage.

In July, you are mailed a Forage Production Declaration to report your annual yield. Return this information to SCIC or contact your local office by September 30, to report your yield. SCIC will verify a percentage of declarations. If you have second-cut production, you must contact SCIC with your production information.


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