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Winterkill Insurance

Winterkill coverage is a separate option for fall rye and winter wheat. Winterkill claims are subject to an eight per cent deductible per legal land description. Producers have until August 25 to select winterkill insurance for fall rye and winter wheat crops to be seeded by September 30. Premiums are charged in the year of harvest.

Winterkill coverage for winter wheat, seeded in the fall prior to the year of harvest, will be available in all risk zones regardless of the stubble type into which the crop is seeded. The stubble type determines if the acres are charged a low or high risk premium rate.

Contact your local SCIC office for further details regarding stubble requirements.

Customers with winterkill coverage will be asked several risk assessment questions on the Fall-Seeded Acreage Report which will determine the risk category of the acres. Yield-loss coverage can be selected in the spring of the harvest year. If you do not select winterkill coverage, fall crops to be insured for yield-loss are subject to a spring inspection to assess establishment.

Please note: Winterkill coverage and premiums correspond to the year in which the crop is seeded. Winterkill coverage for fall rye and winter wheat seeded in 2022 is $40 per acre. In 2022, spring establishment benefit increased for winter wheat due to the increased value of the crop and seed costs. Spring establishment benefit amounts are used to calculate winterkill coverage.

Winterkill Premium

For fall-seeded crops, premium is billed in the year of harvest. For example: a producer who seeded crops in fall 2022 will have premiums billed in 2023.