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360 Coverage

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Like the multi-peril yield-loss program for grain crops, Crop Insurance offers production-based coverage on forage acres for feed, seed or sale. Insurable forage crops include tame hay, dehydrated alfalfa, sweetclover and greenfeed crops. Forage production guarantees are based on a producer’s individual growing history rather than the area average. Producers can select coverage levels of 50, 60, 70 or 80 per cent of their average yield, and choose enhanced options such as forage establishment, restoration and diversification coverage.

Coverage Basics

Cause of Loss

Uncontrollable natural hazards covered by Crop Insurance.

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Coverage Levels and Premium

Producers may select coverage at 50, 60, 70 or 80 per cent of their average yield.

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Individual Coverage

Coverage based on individual growing history rather than area average.

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Individual Premium

Starting in 2023, an Individual Premium is calculated for each crop based on personal claim history compared to the area risk zone.

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Insurable Crops

SCIC insures crop varieties suitable for local growing conditions.

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Greenfeed Establishment Benefit

Coverage for acres of greenfeed that fail to establish after planting.

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Management Experience Transfer

Used to establish a starting yield for a crop where no individual yield previously exists.

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Base prices for grains crops are established on the basis of January price forecasts provided by the Market Analysis Group of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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Price Options

Producers can custom-fit their insurance by selecting price options best suited for their operation.

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Production Guarantee

Guarantee is calculated based on individual coverage multiplied by insurable acres.

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Soil Classification

Soil classification are used for premium and coverage calculations.

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Yield Cushioning

Yield cushioning limits the impact on yield coverage in poor crop years.

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Enhanced Coverage

Forage Diversification Option

Coverage for any forage feed crops not insurable under the basic forage insurance program.

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Forage Establishment Benefit Option

Protects newly seeded forage acres intended for hay, grazing or seed production against the risk of an establishment failure.

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Forage Restoration

Coverage for loss of insured acres of established tame hay or alfalfa seed due to prolonged flooding.

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Specialty Program

Timothy Hay Program

Coverage for irrigated timothy hay acres intended for export, and mitigates the risk associated with this intensively managed crop.

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Weather-based coverage for forage, corn and intercrops

Protection again lack of moisture (forage, corn and intercrops) and/or corn heat units.

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