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Program Overview

Livestock Price Insurance is a risk management program which allows producers to purchase price protection on cattle and hogs, in the form of an insurance policy. It provides producers with protection against an unexpected drop in prices over a defined period of time. This provides protection for the factors beyond the producer's control which influences the markets.

Coverage is based on a number of market-driven factors and reflects a forecasted price (including currency and basis) over the length of the policy.

Settlement of the insurance is based directly on Western Canadian cattle/hog markets, not on an individual producer's actual sales. Settlement indices are calculated weekly for the cattle products and monthly for the hog product. The settlement prices are designed to reflect current Western Canadian prices.

Producers can purchase price insurance options for their calves, fed cattle, feeder cattle and hogs.


Livestock Price Insurance for calves is intended for calves born in the spring and sold in the fall. Producers can tailor coverage by purchasing price insurance for intended marketings from September to December.

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Livestock Price Insurance for feeder cattle is intended for backgrounded animals. Producers can tailor coverage to their operation by purchasing price insurance for intended marketings year-round.

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Livestock Price Insurance - Fed program is intended animals intended for slaughter and expected to Grade A or better. It is market-driven and coverage offered directly reflects the fed cattle market.

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Livestock Price Insurance - Hog was developed with the aim of enhancing Western Canadian hog producers’ ability to manage price volatility in the hog market. LPI offers a risk management alternative to futures and options, with a highly transparent, fixed cost to the producer.

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