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Sask Management Plus

Saskatchewan Management Plus (SMP) is designed to give producers actual crop production information to help make more informed farm management decisions and help SCIC maintain, develop and enhance Crop Insurance programs.

From the Seeded Acreage Report and Production Declaration form, SCIC collects information including crop and variety, land use (summerfallow, stubble, irrigated), seeding date, chemicals/fertilizers applied, average grade produced and yields. Because the data is submitted by producers, the results are relevant to producers. An individual summary referencing information supplied by the producer in the past will be mailed in February. This data, along with the collective data of producers in each risk zone found below, can help producers plan crop rotations, budgets and crop performance comparisons.

Producers do not need to enrol for Saskatchewan Management Plus. Producers will receive an individual summary sheet automatically if they supply crop yields by legal land description on their Production Declaration. Individual producer information is kept strictly confidential. Average yields by crop variety are posted below. Consider the number of canola varieties on the market today. The vast number of choices makes your decision very difficult. With SMP, you will have additional and local information that will help you make your choices. You will be able to choose the variety most suited to your area. There is no cost to producers for this program; this is a service offered by the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation.

Online Sask Management Plus Data

SCIC is pleased to offer interactive online data, the first of its kind. With the ability to view up to five previous years, all at one glance, users can customize the information they are looking for and display it in a variety of options from graphs to charts.

Acres by Variety Acres by Risk Zone

Acres by RM and Risk Zone

Download this PDF to view SMP acres displayed by Rural Municipalities (RMs) and Risk Zone.

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Average Yield by Crop

Download these PDF to view SMP acres displayed by crop.

Average Yield by Risk Zone

Download these PDF to view SMP acres displayed by risk zone.