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Strategic Plan

Strategies developed align with the direction and goals of the Government of Saskatchewan. While the government aims for economic growth, accountability and support of Saskatchewan families, SCIC focuses on producers, innovation, teamwork and community, accountability and leadership.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and relevant agriculture risk management partner in Canada.

Our Mission

We provide an exceptional customer experience to farmers and ranchers through diverse programs and superior service.

Our Values

Core values guide our thinking, behaviour and actions.

Focus on the producer
The producer is why we exist. We have a passion for what we do. Providing excellent customer service is our priority. We take the time to listen and understand producer’s needs. We hire qualified staff with an understanding of Saskatchewan agriculture to complement an effective workplace

Leadership at all levels
We are all leaders. We take initiative. We encourage others to take responsible risks and succeed.

Innovative thinking
We believe creative problem solving, combined with common sense, leads to fresh ideas, new approaches and initiatives that result in success.

Teamwork and community
Rural life, farming roots and our strong sense of community have taught us the value of teamwork. We come together for a common purpose – to lend a hand and work hard to solve challenges at work and in our communities. We encourage diverse views and backgrounds, and support effective communication, because it builds strong work relationships.

Accountability to ourselves and others
We stand behind what we do. We answer for the results of our actions and expect the same of those on our team. We are dedicated to doing our best for the benefit of our farmers and ranchers.

Our Goals

Exceptional customer service

  1. Develop and implement a customer service strategy.
  2. Work in partnership with Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers, industry and stakeholders to enhance programming.

Long-term resiliency

  1. Improve operational efficiencies.
  2. Ensure Saskatchewan’s interests are represented at FPT framework development.

Producer focused services backed by secure, reliable and adaptable resources

  1. Design and deliver services that meet the changing needs of our customers.