Producers share stories how SCIC program work together for their farms

360 Coverage

What will my insurance cost? Try our "What-if" calculators to complete generic coverage and premium calculations.

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How to Apply

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) realizes one insurance package does not suit everyone. For this reason there are many options to choose from, allowing you to tailor your insurance to your farm. Build your coverage - your way.

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Whether you want more information for customizing your insurance or have questions about your coverage, helping you is exactly what we’re here for. Not only are we happy to provide informed, straight-forward answers to your most important insurance questions, you’ll be glad you asked too.

Program Eligibility

Insurance is available to any producer who meets SCIC eligibility requirements. Regulations require contract holders to demonstrate legal, operational and financial independence from all other producers in order to be eligible.

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Customer Responsibilities

New customers are required to fill out an application in person at their customer service office as early as possible but in all cases before March 31.

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Preventing Program Abuse

All customers pay the price for dishonest claims through higher premiums. SCIC’s Compliance unit assists in maintaining a fair program, ensuring every premium dollar collected goes to farmers who experience uncontrollable losses.

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