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Amendments and Appeals


After reviewing the Calculation of Benefits, you may notice missing or incorrect information. For example, you may find your sales figures are incorrect or the inventory figures were inaccurate. In this case, an amendment can be submitted to correct the information.

Amendments must be submitted in writing directly to SCIC. When submitting amendment information to SCIC, please use the Additional Information Amendment and Amendment Request form. An amendment can be submitted up to 18 months from the date on your original Calculation of Benefits.

Information received after the amendment deadline will be used to update that reference year only.

Additional Information Amendment

This form can be used to provide additional information to support the data on your AgriStability program forms or to justify an amendment request.

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Amendment Request Form

This form can be used to request an amendment for your AgriStability program forms. You can request an amendment to information used in calculating your program benefits for a program year by submitting the request to SCIC up to 18 months from the date of the original Calculation of Benefits.

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If you feel the program rules were not correctly applied in the processing of your application, you may request a review of the application by SCIC. If SCIC cannot resolve the concerns, the request may be referred to an appeal panel.

The Provincial Appeal Panel is an independent advisory committee of producers that hears disputes between customers and SCIC. Customers and staff both have the opportunity to present information to the Panel during the hearings held around the province. The Panel will review appeals in accordance with procedures established by SCIC and the agreements governing the Program.

The Panel does not have the ability to create exceptions to program policies. All recommendations made by the Panel are considered non-binding and are reviewed by SCIC's Board of Directors for a final decision.

Appeals must be submitted in writing to SCIC within 90 days of the date you were notified of the decision which is being appealed. The Appeal Submission form can be used and should be accompanied by an appeal letter, which must clearly identify the nature of the appeal and provide sufficient information and documentation to substantiate the appeal.

Appeal requests can be sent to:

AgriStability Program Appeals
484 Prince William Drive
PO Box 3000
Melville, SK S0A 2P0
Fax: 1-888-728-0440

Appeal Submission Form

Use the Appeal Submission Form, accompanied by an appeal letter, clearly identifying the nature of the appeal and providing sufficient information and documentation to substantiate the appeal.

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