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Seeding Date Tool

This tool provides the final date full liability may be accepted on insurable crops. The map provides dates based on townships and rural municipalities, using first fall frost dates. June 20 remains the final seeding deadline for all crops. Crops seeded between the SCIC recommended date and June 20 will be compared to other crops in the area if a seeding date related loss occurs, like frost, or may impact a request for an extension of insurance where all others have completed harvest. This area comparison may reduce liability.

Access the Seeding Date Tool

Note: some crops have absolute final seeding dates earlier than June 20. Please refer to terms and conditions for chickpeas, hemp, soybeans and corn.

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How to Use the Seeding Date Tool

  1. To search for township, use the search tool. Enter township and select from drop down options.
    Seeding Date Tool Instructions
    Search by township
  2. To search for physical location, use the “My Location” icon.
    Seeding Date Tool Instrcutions
    My Location Icon
  3. To identify seed date for crop:
    1. click on township to identify correct township.
      Seeding Date Tool
      Click through to township
    2. click arrow to bring up seed date.
      Seeding Date Tool Instructions
      Display seeding date(s)
  4. To change background to imagery or to another base map,
    Seeding Date Tool Instructions
    Changing basemap display