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Coverage for Livestock Producers

As a livestock producer, you want more than just insurance for your operation. You want coverage for your crops, livestock and overall bottom line — the kind of all-around coverage you can only get from SCIC.

We've highlighted the following SCIC programs most suitable for livestock operations. Contact us and we can work together to find coverage best suited for your farm!

Weather-Based Programs

Weather-Based Crop Insurance programs are designed to protect producers against weather-related risks: lack of moisture (precipitation) and lack of heat units for corn.

Weather-based programs do not require yields or weather information to be reported to SCIC. Claims are automatically calculated in August based strictly upon verified weather information.

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Crop Insurance Forage Program

Tame hay, dehydrated alfalfa, sweetclover and greenfeed are insurable with this production-based coverage on forage acres for feed, seed or sale. Forage production guarantees are based on your individual growing history rather than the area average.

You can select coverage at 50, 60, 70 or 80 per cent of your average yield, and choose enhanced options such as forage establishment, restoration and diversification coverage.

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AgriStability helps operations facing large margin declines caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions.

Allowable income and expenses are considered to determine payment eligibility. Purchased feed, expenses for purchasing and transporting water to livestock and sourcing additional pasture for custom grazing are allowable expenses. Private insurance indemnities are not allowable income.

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Livestock Price Insurance (LPI)

For protection against unexpected price drops and uncontrollable factors influencing the market, producers can purchase a LPI policy that guarantees a forward market price for calves, feeders or fed cattle.

Calf policies are available to purchase February to mid-June for intended marketing from September to February. Feeder and Fed policies are available to purchase year-round.

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Wildlife Damage Compensation and Prevention Program

All Saskatchewan producers may be eligible for compensation on damage to crops and livestock caused by wildlife. Producers may also receive funding for preventative measures to reduce wildlife damage to feed supplies and livestock.

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