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Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops that experience a loss in yield, whether due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop.

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We realize one insurance package does not suit everyone. For this reason, Crop Insurance offers many options to choose from, allowing you to tailor your insurance to your operation. Build your custom coverage - your way.

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Whether you want more information for customizing your insurance or have questions about your coverage, we are here to help! Speak with your local SCIC office today to discuss a business risk management plan custom-fit for your farm.

What's new for 2024?

Added 38 Weather Stations

All weather-based programs are enhanced by increased weather station density province-wide. Most land is located within 30km of at least one weather station.

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Increased Coverage for the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program

Coverage levels now better reflect the productive capacity of the insured acres. Producers can select from three levels of coverage, offering flexible risk management and related premium cost options.

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New Rainfall Insurance Programs

The Mixed Forage Rainfall Insurance Program protects any forage feed crop not previously covered under weather-based programs, including greenfeed and silage. Any intercrop mix is now insurable under the Intercrop Rainfall Insurance Program, which also includes an establishment benefit.

Both programs offer protection when seasonal precipitation is below average.

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