In Saskatchewan agriculture, there are no guarantees. While you cannot control the weather, market fluctuations or rising input costs, you can manage your risk with AgriStability.

AgriStability is a low-cost business risk management program designed to help farm operations facing large margin declines caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions. Coverage is personalized for each farm by using historical information, based on income tax and supplementary information.

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How To Apply

To apply, simply call our AgriStability Call Centre and request a new participant package.
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How It Works

AgriStability calculates a program year margin and a reference margin for each farming operation to determine if a benefit is triggered.

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Program Fees

The AgriStability fee is $3.15 for every $1,000 of Contribution Reference Margin. Fees must be paid to be eligible for program benefits.

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Processing Applications

AgriStability participants submit information annually for SCIC to calculate program margins and any benefit payments.

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The deadline to submit your 2020 program forms, with penalty, and pay 2021 program fees is December 31, 2021.

Our AgriStability Program experts are available across the province to answer any questions you may have. 

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AgriStability Industry Advisory

Industry Advisories are posted periodically to provide information of AgriStability Program deadlines, features and changes.
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AgriStability under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

AgriStability is a national program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) agreement on agriculture policy.  This five-year federal-provincial-territorial funding agreement governs business risk management (BRM) programs such as Crop Insurance, AgriStability, Livestock Price Insurance and AgriInvest.

Changes to BRM programs, including AgriStability, effective for the 2020 program year. The major change to AgriStability involves the Reference Margin Limit (RML). Beginning in the 2020 program year, the RML will no longer be used when processessing AgriStability files. Removing the RML will make the AgriStability Program more effective and equitable. Farming operations with low allowable expenses will see increased coverage and the opportunity to access larger benefits.