Producers share stories how SCIC program work together for their farms

360 Coverage

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Program Overview

All Saskatchewan producers may be eligible for compensation on damage to crops and livestock caused by wildlife. Producers may also receive funding for preventative measures to reduce wildlife damage to feed supplies and livestock.

Crop Damage Compensation

Up to 100 per cent compensation is available on damage caused by wildlife.

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Predation Compensation

Up to 100 per cent compensation is paid to producers for injury or death of eligible livestock by predators.

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Wildlife Damage Prevention

Producers can receive funding for steps taken to prevent wildlife damage to crops, feed supplies and livestock.

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Feral Wild Boar Control Program

Saskatchewan producers and landowners can access support for controlling feral wild boar.

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Honey Bee Compensation Program

Funding for prevention measures taken to limit or reduce damage to colonies and their structures.

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