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Program Forms

Forms for all SCIC programs are listed in alphabetical order by name of the form.

The small icons in the right corners also provide examples and instructions for completing the form.

For Crop Insurance: Access program forms, endorsements and the Contract of Insurance.

For AgriStability: Individual producers (sole proprietors) must submit their income and expense (tax) information on the T1163 form to the Canada Revenue Agency, who shares this information with SCIC. Corporations and Co-operatives must submit all AgriStability forms to SCIC. An individual’s supplemental information (inventories, receivables, payables, deferrals and purchased inputs) must be submitted directly to SCIC.

For Livestock Price Insurance: Use the links below for quick access to for all program forms.

PLEASE NOTE: Data typed into fillable forms cannot be saved. Please print your completed form and submit to SCIC by fax, mail, e-mail, or visit your local office.

Click this icon to download example of forms and documents.
Click this icon to download form instructions.

Livestock Price Insurance Additional Resources for Producers

Additional resources for Livestock Price Insurance producers, including: market information, Advance Payment Program, Cost of Production, Canfax, Canfax app and Cowbytes. Visit to access these resources.

Livestock Price Insurance Brochures

Program brochures outlining coverage details, top 10 questions, and each LPI program: Feeder, Fed, Calf and Hog. Visit to view Livestock Price Insurance brochures.

Livestock Price Insurance Buyer's Resource Guide

The Livestock Price Insurance Buyer’s Resource Guide explains how to use the Program to its full potential.

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Livestock Price Insurance Forms

Each province has specific forms for its participants. Click the link to access the forms for Livestock Price Insurance clients in Saskatchewan. All LPI program forms are housed on

Livestock Price Insurance Program Guide

The Livestock Price Insurance Program Guide provides a detailed overview of the Program in entirety.

Download Program Guide

Livestock Price Insurance Settlement Resource Guide

Producers who purchased a Livestock Price Insurance policy and are entering their claim window can learn more by viewing the LPI Settlement Resource Guide.

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