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Production Guarantee

An SCIC contract guarantees a yield based on what you have grown over the long term and the coverage option you selected. This guarantee appears on your Statement of Insurance in kilograms and bushels for most crops, and kilograms and pounds for those crops typically marketed in pounds.

Yield-loss Payments

Yield-loss payments are based on the shortfall between the production guarantee and the total net harvested production for all acres of the insured crop. Any appraisals applied to acres put to any use other than harvesting will be included in the final yield‑loss calculation.

Yield-loss payments are determined once the total yield-loss, including quality factors, have been finalized. The production loss is paid at the insured price, according to the price option you select in the spring. The insured price is not based on, nor does it guarantee, market price.

Production Guarantee Example

The following is an example only and does not reflect actual prices as listed in the price tables.

You have 70% coverage on 100 acres of HRSW and the long-term individual yield is 708 kg/acre (26 bushels/acre).

Your production guarantee is: 708 x 70% = 496 kg/acre (18.2 bushels/acre)

Your total production guarantee is: 496 x 100 acres = 49,600 kg (1,822 bushels)

In the fall, you harvest 29,937 kg (1,100 bushels).

To calculate your yield-loss:
49,600 kg (total production guarantee) - 29,937 kg (actual harvested production) = 19,663 kg yield-loss

Your yield-loss claim payment is: 19,663 kg x $0.150 ($/kg) = $2,949.45