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SCIC is committed to providing quality customer service, ensuring all of your concerns are addressed quickly and fairly.

It is important to accompany the adjuster on all claim inspections and discuss any aspect of your insurance with staff. Should a claim dispute arise, you are entitled to a second inspection by a senior adjuster. Your customer service office manager will ensure that all of your concerns are fully investigated.

On rare occasions, issues cannot be resolved at the local level. The regional manager is then responsible to review the situation and make sure the terms of the contract were followed. Disagreements the regional manager cannot resolve may be referred to the Provincial Appeal Panel.

The Provincial Appeal Panel is an independent advisory committee of producers that hears disputes between customers and SCIC. Customers and staff both have the opportunity to present information to the panel during the hearings held around the province.

The panel will make recommendations to the SCIC Board of Directors on any disputes they hear. The appeal panel provides recommendations to the Board of Directors, who make the final decision.

An application to the SCIC Provincial Appeal Panel is a voluntary act on the part of the customer and does not nullify, waive or compromise any legal rights of the customer or the legal rights of SCIC. Both parties involved may still use all legal avenues available under Saskatchewan’s provincial court system.