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Greenfeed Establishment Benefit

Included in the greenfeed yield-loss selection is the Greenfeed Establishment Benefit which provides coverage for acres of greenfeed that fail to establish after planting.

To be eligible for a greenfeed establishment claim, a minimum of 10 acres or 10 per cent of the total acres seeded to greenfeed, whichever is less, must have failed to establish. Greenfeed that fails to adequately establish or suffers significant damage due to insurable causes before June 30 is eligible for an establishment benefit.

If it is necessary to reseed or work down a portion of your insured greenfeed crop prior to June 30, contact SCIC immediately. An adjuster must inspect those acres to assess possible eligibility for the establishment benefit. Insurance may be purchased on the reseeded acres even if the crop was not previously selected. If the reseeded crop was previously selected, those acres will continue to be insured

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