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Program Forms

Program forms for all SCIC programs are available online, including document examples and instructions to help you complete each form. All forms are listed in alphabetical order by name of the form.

For Crop Insurance customers: Access program forms, endorsements and the Contract of Insurance.

For AgriStability participants: Individual producers (sole proprietors) must submit their income and expense (tax) information on the T1163 form to the Canada Revenue Agency, who will share this information with SCIC. Corporations and Co-operatives must submit all AgriStability Program forms to SCIC. An individual’s supplemental information (inventories, receivables, payables, deferrals and purchased inputs) must be submitted directly to SCIC.

For Livestock Price Insurance: Use the quick access below to visit LPI.ca for all program forms.

PLEASE NOTE: Data typed into fillable forms cannot be saved. Please print your completed form and then submit by fax, mail, office visit or scan and e-mail.

Featured Forms

Please find below relevant program forms for this time of year. Throughout the year, SCIC will update this section to make it easier for you to find popular forms.

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Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Forms

Canada Revenue Agency related tax forms for the AgriStability Program.
Access the T1163 Statement A form here.
Access the T1164 Statement B form here.

Change Business Type Form

Farming operations that have gone through a change in their business structure need to report that change as part of filing for AgriStability. For example, if a farming operation has transitioned from a sole proprietor to a partnership or corporation, simply complete the Change in Business Type Form. This form outlines the change and ensures your historical farm information is transferred to the new business structure.

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Commodity Code Guides

The Commodity Code Guide contains applicable codes for Saskatchewan participants. Reference this guide to fill out your AgriStability/AgriInvest program forms.

2021 2020 2019

Corporations/Co-operatives/ Other Entities

2021 Program Year

Trusts, Corporations and Co-operatives, Communal Organizations, Status Indians/Band Farms and Limited Liability Partnerships participating in AgriStability are required to submit financial and supplemental information to SCIC using this form. This information is used for both the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs and needs to be sent directly to SCIC.

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Click this icon to download example of forms and documents.
Click this icon to download instructions to fill out forms.

Supplemental Information

2019 Program Year

AgriStability Program Individual participants (sole proprietors) are required to submit supplementary information directly to SCIC. This includes crop and livestock inventories, purchased inputs, deferrals, receivables and payables information.

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TIC: Amendments

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information on AgriStability amendments initiated by the participant or SCIC.

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TIC: Audit Verification and Accuracy of Information

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information about SCIC’s audit and verification process used to review AgriStability applications.

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TIC: Ending Participation in AgriStability

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information about ending participation in the AgriStability Program.

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TIC: Filing the Appropriate Forms

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information about forms to use when filing an AgriStability application based on how taxes are filed to the Canada Revenue Agency.

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TIC: Negative Margins and Deemed Crop Insurance Benefits

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information about AgriStability benefit eligibility when a program year margin is negative and when a deemed Crop Insurance benefit is applied on a negative program year margin.

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TIC: Reporting Income and Expense

Technical Information Circular (TIC) provides detailed information on how to report Income and Expense for the AgriStability Program.

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Transfer In from Out of Province

This checklist is to assist producers who relocate their operation to Saskatchewan. Review the list to ensure the information required for participation in the AgriStability program is provided to SCIC.

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Year-End Inventory Check Worksheet

Year-end is a great time to record your inventory. This worksheet can assist you in calculating the information necessary for completing your AgriStability forms. This worksheet is for your own reference and is not required to process your application.

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