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Low Yield Appraisal – Changes For The 2023 Growing Season

POSTED: Aug 1, 2023

Dry conditions are negatively impacting crop potential, including forage crops. SCIC is working with producers to discuss options with pre-harvest appraisals and putting crops to alternate use.

For 2023, SCIC is doubling the Crop Insurance low yield appraisal thresholds. SCIC Acting Vice President of Operations Lorelei Hulston explains how it works:

SCIC understands the urgency in getting grain crops diverted to livestock feed. SCIC has flexible processes to support producers making timely, on-farm decisions for their operations. Contact your local SCIC office. Our staff will guide you through the process, which may include leaving checkstrips.

For more information about the doubled low yield appraisal and other options for Saskatchewan producers, click here:

2023 Dry Conditions

Producers decide what they want to do with their crop. If you would like to put your insured crop to an alternate use (baling, grazing, etc.) other than harvesting, please contact SCIC for a pre-harvest appraisal. An inspection must be requested, prior to putting your insured acres to an alternate use.

To help make decisions for your crop, you may wish to take plant counts. A Pre-Harvest Worksheet is now available here. Producers wishing to use this worksheet must still contact your local SCIC office if you intend to put the crop to an alternate use. This workbook is not intended to replace adjuster appraisals, but rather assist you when making farm decisions. Producer appraised yields are for information purposes only and will NOT be used for the claim or for future coverage.