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Organic Reseeding Benefit

Since weed control options are limited on organic crops, SCIC offers the Organic Reseeding Benefit. To be eligible for this benefit, the crop must be reseeded by July 15*. Crops reseeded after Crop Insurance’s seeding deadlines are not eligible for yield‑loss insurance.

The reseeding benefit payment is the same as establishment payments under the commercial multi-peril program. If you decide to till any organic acres due to excessive weeds, you must contact SCIC before working the crop down.

Acres will be inspected to verify:

  • 10 acres or 10 per cent of the insurable crop is affected by excessive weeds
  • The acres are insured as organic
  • The acres were originally seeded at the recommended rate
  • The acres were tilled for weed control
  • The new crop was reseeded at the recommended rate

Yield-loss insurance may be purchased on the reseeded acres, provided they were seeded by Crop Insurance’s seeding deadlines, even if the crop was not previously selected. If the reseeded crop was previously selected and seeding deadlines are met, those acres will continue to be insured.

* The July 15 deadline is later than other seeding deadlines for yield-loss insurance (June 20) and greenfeed (June 30) to provide organic customers with sufficient time to assess weed pressure and decide if crops should be plowed down and reseeded. Any crop can be reseeded for this benefit, including crops intended for green manure plow-down.