Unseeded Acreage

The Unseeded Acreage (USA) feature is included with multi-peril insurance coverage and all producers have this protection for land that is too wet to seed due to excessive spring moisture.

Acres subject to flooding, such as sloughs in the field that are traditionally wet or remain underwater in a year of normal moisture, are not eligible. However, if a producer was able to work, mow or burn the areas that were wet, essentially prepare the seed bed in the fall, then this land would be considered eligible for USA coverage. Acres that are deemed as too wet to seed are excluded from any future USA claim calculations until they are in a condition to seed.

Any land that remains underwater due to previous years’ moisture is not eligible as it is not considered in adequate seeding condition.

SCIC strives to inspect all USA claims in a timely manner. Where USA claim volumes are high, producers may have their claims paid without an inspection.

There are four coverage levels: $50, $70, $85 and $100 per acre. Customers can choose the lower or higher coverage to correspond to their individual needs. Unseeded acreage premium will be charged on acres a producer normally seeds, whether or not the land is seeded or insured for yield-loss.This feature is not optional. Discount and surcharges are applied to Unseeded Acreage premiums. Starting in 2017, producers’ Unseeded Acreage claims will be included in the calculation of the experience discount/surcharge. This will affect producers’ future individual discount/surcharge.

This feature does not provide payment on every reported wet acre. Eligible acres are the acres you normally seed that remain unseeded by June 20 due to excessive spring moisture. A five per cent deductible is applied to quarters with acres too wet to seed.

The deadline to submit an unseeded acreage claim is June 25. Claims received from June 26 to July 2 will be subject to a 25 per cent reduction in payment to a maximum of $1,000. Claims received after July 2 may be denied.


Unseeded Acreage (USA) Premium

Example provided  to walk you through how the Unseeded Acreage (USA) Premium is calculated.

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The Unseeded Acres (USA) feature is designed to compensate producers who are unable to seed due to excess spring moisture. Acres subject to flooding, such as sloughs in the field, that are traditionally wet or remain underwater in a year of normal moisture, are not eligible. All USA claim acres are subject to inspection.

Seeding Intensity

Acres normally seeded are determined using your total annual crop acres multiplied by your historic seeding intensity. The seeding intensity is the seeded acres compared to the total cultivated acres and calculated as a percentage. Your claim seeding intensity is the average of the previous four years.

For eligibility purposes, SCIC calculates a whole farm claim (using the seeding intensity) separate from a summerfallow claim, as all acres of the previous year’s summerfallow are expected to be seeded in the current year. The Unseeded Acreage claim is paid on the greater of these two calculations.

Your Unseeded Acreage claim may be reduced or denied if your loss is significantly greater than other producers in your immediate area due to management practices. (For example, failing to seed when it is possible.)

Acres reported as too wet to seed and included in an Unseeded Acreage claim are not eligible for any subsequent coverage including greenfeed and wildlife.

The four year seeding intensity used to calculate your Unseeded Acreage claim will be calculated as follows:

YearAcres SeededAcres Too Wet To SeedSummerfallowTotal AcresAnnual Per Cent Seeded
Year 1800**2001,000100%
Year 2850**100501,00095%
Year 3800**02001,00080%
Year 48601401,00086%
4 Year Average90%

* These acres are considered seeded for this calculation. Year 1 = to previous crop year.


Unseeded Acreage Feature Example

Example provided  to walk you through how the Unseeded Acreage (USA) Feature is calculated.

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Unseeded Acreage and Establishment Benefit

If conditions are too wet to reseed, a producer may be eligible for an Unseeded Acreage claim on the acres where an Establishment Benefit was previously paid. These acres do not have to be destroyed to be eligible for the Unseeded Acreage benefit. If a field, or area in a field, is eligible for an establishment claim and excess moisture prevents another crop from being seeded, the Unseeded Acreage claim may be paid as well. There will be no further coverage on the affected acres. If the field, or area in the field, does not qualify for an Establishment Benefit – due to having sufficient plants or less than five acres in an adjoining block – the crop will have full yield‑loss coverage.