Unseeded Acreage Premium Example

Below is an example to show what acres is (Unseeded Acreage) USA premium charged on. USA premium is charged on all normally seeded annual crop acres that are eligible for USA coverage. Biannual, perennial, or triennial acres are not eligible for USA coverage, and therefore are not included in the USA premium calculation.

Total Farm Cultivated Acres1000
Forage AcresAlfalfa/Grass200
Annual Crop AcresHRSW300
Acres Too-Wet-to-Seed100
Total Annual Crop Acres300+400+100=800
4 Year Average Seeding Intensity90%
Normally Seeded Acres800 x 90% = 720
USA premium per acre*$0.67
Total USA Premium$0.67 x 720 = $482.40

* Customer USA premium per acre has individual experience discount/surcharge applied.