Seeded Acreage Report and Stored Grain Information

If you have completed seeding, the next step is to report your seeded acres and stored grain information by June 25.

Seeded Acreage Report

You must submit a Seeded Acreage Report declaring your seeded acres no later than June 25. This report is necessary to calculate your level of insurance and process your claims. You would have received a copy of this form and instruction guide in the mail at the end of May.

You will not have any Crop Insurance coverage until you report your acres on your Seeded Acreage Report. If you suffer a crop loss and have not reported your acres by June 25, your claim may be denied.

You can phone, fax, or mail your seeded acreage information at any Crop Insurance office or file online using CropConnect. CropConnect is also accessible from your smart phone.

If you fail to submit or are late, you may be assessed a penalty of $60. If necessary, an adjuster will visit your farm to gather the required information. 

Stored Grain Declaration

You are required to report all stored grain either on the separate Stored Grain Declaration form enclosed with your Seeded Acreage Report package or file online through CropConnect. Filing your stored grain information will result in more accurate claim payments. The deadline to file this information is June 25. 

If your stored grain amounts change after June 25, contact your local Crop Insurance office to update your information. Updates must be made before harvest begins.

Stored grain not reported will be considered new production in the event of a yield-loss claim.