Green Manure Crops and Summerfallow Coverage

Green manure crop acres intended for plow-down should be listed as summerfallow on your Seeded Acreage Report.

To be eligible for summerfallow coverage the following year, green manure crop growth must be terminated by July 11 in the brown and dark brown soil zones and by July 25 in the black and grey soil zones.

These acres will be eligible for summerfallow coverage the following year provided that deadlines for crop termination are met. If deadlines are not met, the acres are eligible for stubble coverage the following year. Termination of a green manure crop is defined as complete control of all living plant material and must be maintained for the rest of the growing season.

Green manure crops are nitrogen-fixing crops (legumes or mixtures containing a legume) or crops increasing soil fertility through other mechanisms. Volunteer crops and weeds are not considered green manure crops (as defined by Crop Insurance) and their growth must be controlled in all soil zones by July 11 and maintained thereafter.