Diversification Option

The Diversification Option is available for crops and varieties and cropping practices such as intercropping that are not insurable under core multi-peril Crop Insurance.To be eligible for this option, you must also have insured acres of traditional grains, oilseeds or pulses in the multi-peril program. A maximum of 30 per cent of total acres insured under the multi-peril program can be included under the Diversification Option.

Coverage levels, premiums and any claims paid for the crop grown under the Diversification Option are equal to the average coverage, premium and claims for your insured multi-peril acres.

Diversified annual crops that fail to establish by June 20 due to insurable causes may be eligible for a Diversification Establishment Benefit. A minimum of 10 acres or 10 per cent of the total eligible acres seeded to the insurable diversified crop must have failed to establish to receive a benefit per acre. 

If your diversified crop has failed to adequately establish or has suffered damage before June 20, contact your customer service office. Eligibility requirements for the Establishment Benefit will be determined by an SCIC adjuster.

Coverage levels, premiums and claims are equal to the average coverage, premium and claims for your multi-peril acres.

Diversification Option Example

An example to help demonstrate how the Diversification Option is calculated.

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