Forage Establishment Benefit Option

The Forage Establishment Benefit Option is available to protect newly seeded forage acres intended for hay, grazing or seed production against the risk of an establishment failure. It is a stand-alone option, not linked to yield-loss insurance. This option must be selected if you want establishment coverage on acres seeded to forage. Forages grown for seed can be insured for establishment insurance through this option. Specific establishment criteria may apply.

Forage Establishment Benefit 

Customer Premiums dollars/acre
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Forage acres seeded between October 15, and June 20, are eligible for the establishment benefit option. Crops seeded during this time and germinating in the spring should be established and ready for harvest the following year. Acres grazed the year of seeding are not eligible for coverage. Any adjustments for establishment losses will not be made until the following year. These acres must be reported on your Seeded Acreage Report by June 25, of this year.


Native Forage Establishment

Establishment protection is available for newly seeded native forages. Only spring-seeded acres planted by June 20 are eligible for the establishment benefit. Applicants will complete a questionnaire regarding a number of agronomic requirements to follow in order to be eligible for full coverage.

Native Forage Establishment Terms & Conditions

All acres intended for insurance must meet the requirements of the program’s terms and conditions.
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Forage Establishment Benefit


This year's Forage Establishment Benefit prices are available. Visit our Prices webpage for full details.

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Forage Establishment Benefit claims are subject to a deductible of 15 per cent of the total establishment coverage of alfalfa, alfalfa/grass and grass. Sweetclover and native forage are calculated separately.

The deductible is applied across total coverage of alfalfa, grass and alfalfa/grass.