Forage Diversification Option

The Forage Diversification Option is available for any forage feed crops that are not insurable under the basic forage insurance program. The program uses barley acres insured in your risk zone as a proxy for both your coverage determination and any claims. This is an area yield program. No adjustments will be made for individual losses on forage diversification acres.


Coverage is offered as a dollar-per-acre value that varies by risk zone. It is based on the risk zone average yield for barley at 80 per cent coverage with the base price.



Forage Diversification Option Premiums

Coverage & Customer Premiums (dollars/acre)

Premiums are calculated based on historical barley coverage and production in each risk zone. Premiums are cost-shared; producers will pay 40 per cent while governments pay 60 per cent. There is no experience discount or surcharge.

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Your claim will be calculated based on the coverage and annual production on all insured barley acres in your risk zone. The risk zone loss is the difference between the total coverage of all insured barley acres at the 80 per cent coverage and the total actual production from the same acres. Claims do not have to be filed, but will be automatically calculated. 

Insured barley acres in your risk zone are used as a proxy for your coverage determination and any claim calculations.