Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is one of the business risk management programs offered under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement on agriculture policy. Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops that experience a loss in yield, whether it is due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop. The insurance provides coverage in the event a crop fails to grow or excess moisture prevents a crop from being seeded. Producers can select from a variety of coverage levels, price options and program options.


The multi-peril insurance program offers coverage on a wide range of crops and varieties. Insurance that's as unique as your farm.



Organic-specific coverage that will address the special risk and higher crop values associated with organic production.



SCIC has a program for producers who grow forages for seed, sale or feed. Regardless of your operation, SCIC has options to meet your needs.



Precipitation and temperature values during the growing season are the basis for the weather-based programs offered by SCIC.


What's new for Crop Insurance in 2020?


Changes introduced for the 2020 year will help ensure the Crop Insurance Program is meeting the risk management needs of Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers.

  • Improved Soybean Coverage
    • The insurable region for soybeans is expanding to include the entire province.
    • Coverage is now based on a producer’s individual insured history instead of the regional average.
    • Experience discount or surcharge will be applied to premiums for soybean crops.
    • Irrigation coverage is now available for soybean producers.
  • Vegetable Loss Coverage
    • SCIC is changing the insured value of vegetable crops to better reflect the production costs.
    • To allow for a longer growing season before harvest begins, SCIC is extending the fall cut-off dates.
    • Asparagus is added to the Program as an eligible crop.
  • Returning Customers
    • Producers now have up to seven years to rejoin the Crop Insurance program to continue with their previous premium discount or surcharge.
  • Organic Option
    • Premiums and coverage are updated using information from organic customers rather than a combination of organic and conventional crop experience.
    • With this change, insured organic pricesare higher and premium rates are lower.
  • Increased Coverage on Corn
    • Coverage on corn has increased. Coverage levels are now $150/$250/$350 or $175 if you are insuring under both Corn Heat Unit or Corn Rainfall program.  


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The deadline to apply, reinstate, cancel or make changes to your Crop Insurance contract has been extended to April 13, 2020. 

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