Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is one of the business risk management programs offered under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement on agriculture policy. Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops that experience a loss in yield, whether it is due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop. The insurance provides coverage in the event a crop fails to grow or excess moisture prevents a crop from being seeded. Producers can select from a variety of coverage levels, price options and program options.


The multi-peril insurance program offers coverage on a wide range of crops and varieties. Insurance that's as unique as your farm.



Organic-specific coverage that will address the special risk and higher crop values associated with organic production.



SCIC has a program for producers who grow forages for seed, sale or feed. Regardless of your operation, SCIC has options to meet your needs.



Precipitation and temperature values during the growing season are the basis for the weather-based programs offered by SCIC.


2019 Crop Insurance Program Highlights


Growing Together

Since 1961, SCIC has been there for Saskatchewan producers. As farming operations grew and adapted to new innovations in agriculture, we changed along with producers to help manage their risk and provide peace of mind. SCIC works closely with industry groups to ensure our programs are adapting the changing needs of today’s producers.

Times have changed. But when the unexpected happens, we still have you covered.


What's new for 2019?

The Crop Insurance Program is updated annually to provide current and responsive business risk management options. 

  • Average coverage for 2019-2020 is $230 per acre
    • The 2019 average premium is $8.61 per acre, a slight increase from $8.41 per acre in 2018.
  • FRIP Insured Values Increase
    • Insured values for pasture within the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program (FRIP) have increased significantly to better reflect the losses producers experience during a shortfall in forage production.
  • Corn Rainfall Program
    • Lack of moisture coverage is now available for corn acres. Producers may select coverage under the Corn Heat Unit (CHU) Insurance Program and/or the new Corn Rainfall Program (CRP). Both programs also provide an establishment benefit of $90 per acre on corn crops.
  • Additional Weather Stations
    • 55 new weather stations will be added throughout the province to enhance SCIC’s weather data network. This will provide more options for producers to select a representative weather station for their pasture (FRIP) or corn (CHU/CRP) insurance.
  • Fall Seeding Deadline Extended
    • September 30 is the new fall seeding deadline. This will allow 15 more days for seeding winter cereal crops to be eligible for winterkill coverage.
  • Predation Compensation for Lambs, Goat Kids and Bison Calves
    • Beginning January 1, 2019, the minimum predation compensation for lambs and goat kids will be based on six-month market information for the earliest wean weight and bison calves will be based on the beef calf minimum.

Did you know?

  • You can access actual crop production information to help make more informed farm management decisions. This information is available online, at no cost, through Saskatchewan Management Plus (SMP) at View up to five previous years, based on yield variety or by risk zone.
  • Yields reported each year build a producer’s personalized coverage that reflects the growing experience of their farm.
  • Producers who claim infrequently receive a discount on their premiums.
  • Family members taking over the family farm may qualify for the discounts and yields applied to that land.
  • You can reduce or eliminate paperwork by enjoying the convenience of accessing your Crop Insurance information online with CropConnect.