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Understanding Individual Premium

POSTED: Feb 21, 2023

At SCIC, we strive to have relevant programs for Saskatchewan producers. For Crop Insurance, producers want to see themselves in the Program – including their own yields and risk.

Starting in 2023, an Individual Premium will be calculated for each insured crop. Individual Premium is based on your personal claim history compared to your area risk zone.

SCIC Acting President and CEO Jeff Morrow answers frequently asked questions about Individual Premium.

  • 0:00 Intro: Individual Premium
  • 0:53 Premium Discount/Surcharge Discontinued
  • 1:43 Impact of 2021 Drought
  • 2:20 Do I lose my discount?
  • 3:29 Does this mean SCIC collects more premium?
  • 3:58 When will I know my Individual Premium?

Crop Insurance customers are familiar with adjustments increasing or decreasing their premiums. But with Individual Premium, the premium adjustments are applied individually to each crop rather than one adjustment to the whole farm. With this change, Premium (Experience) Discounts and Surcharges are discontinued; producers no longer have a discount or surcharge applied to their Crop Insurance premiums.

For each insured crop, you will see an Individual Premium unique to your farm. Individual Premium is inclusive of any premium adjustments, rather than displaying discounts or
surcharges separately.

Individual Premium allows Crop Insurance to be more responsive to your farming experience. Claims on one crop do not impact premiums for other crops.

To learn more, please contact your local SCIC office, call 1-888-935-0000 or visit scic.ca/individual-premium.