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Insured Acres 2022

The following chart illustrates the total amount of acres by crop insured by customers of the Crop Insurance Program. SCIC has collected this data based on information reported by customers on their Seeded Acreage Reports. Please note, these figures are subject to change based on further verification and inspection.

Crop Insured Acres
TOTAL 35,911,621
Canola 10,640,068
Hard Red Spring Wheat 6,694,390
Durum 4,290,056
Lentils 3,170,881
Barley 2,089,946
Field Peas 1,411,179
Oats 1,235,569
Flax 507,459
Canada Prairie Spring Wheat 407,770
Mustard 330,163
Forage (1) 285,799
Greenfeed (3) 191,997
Canary Seed 178,759
Chickpea 138,267
Minor Crops (2) 92,719
Wheat Winter 85,897
Fall Rye 74,869
Soybean 23,329
Alfalfa Seed 23,271
Hard White Spring Wheat 9,295
Wild Rice 5,673
Extra Strong Wheat 1,455
Weather Derivative Program (4) 4,022,810
Too Wet to Seed 311,414
  1. Forage crops include alfalfa, alfalfa/grass, dehy alfalfa, grass, timothy hay, etc.
  2. Minor crops include hemp, camelina, sunflowers, dry beans, spring rye, Khorasan wheat, fababeans, etc.
  3. Greenfeed crops include barley, oats, rye, wheat, etc.
  4. Weather derivative programs include acres insured under the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program, the Corn-Heat Unit Insurance Program and the Corn Rainfall Program.