Report your Harvested Production to SCIC

Submitting your Detailed Production Declaration as soon as you complete harvest allows SCIC to process claims quicker and issue potential payment sooner.

Posted Oct. 15, 2021

Submitting your Detailed Production Declaration

Track your detailed production and grade for each field and report to SCIC as soon as you finish harvest. Even if you are not in a claim position, reporting your total production updates your individual yield history which also updates your future coverage. Not reporting will reduce your coverage by 10 per cent.

Production Declaration information must be submitted before you can register a post-harvest claim and should be filed as soon as you complete harvest. This makes the claim process more efficient, allows us to better allocate our adjusting resources and improves the customer service you receive

November 15, 2021, is the last day to submit your Detailed Production Declaration.

You can phone, mail, fax or drop off the information. Contact your local SCIC office today. CropConnect customers may complete personalized declarations online, using our secure portal. If you have questions about your coverage, our team of experts is here to provide straight-forward, informed answers. Call 1-888-935-000 or visit