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2022 Seeding Conditions

POSTED: May 25, 2022

Heavy rainfall and lasting excess spring moisture is impacting seeding in areas of the province.

Recommended Seeding Deadlines

SCIC acknowledges producers, in some areas of the province, are concerned with their seeding progress because of early spring rainfall and lasting excess moisture. Producers are unable to seed before SCIC’s recommended seeding deadlines, due to these conditions.

  • Under SCIC’s Crop Insurance Program, temperature and excess moisture are insurable causes of loss and these seeding delays are insurable.
  • Seeding deadlines are determined using the first fall frost date in the area, as well as the average number of days it takes for the crop variety to mature
  • Crops seeded after these recommended seeding dates, but before June 20, are still insured.
  • When late seeding is common in the area, all producers’ yields generally reflect the impact of the late seeding and any claim reductions would be unlikely.
  • The recommended seeding deadline has passed for specific crops, including chickpeas, hemp and corn.
  • The recommended seeding deadline for soybeans is June 5.
  • All other crops have a final seeding deadline of June 20.

We encourage all Crop Insurance customers to view the Seeding Date Tool. This interactive tool provides recommended seeding dates for each township and crop, using crop average days to maturity and average first fall frost dates.

This spring, producers are facing a wide range of weather conditions across the province. Crop Insurance customers have access to coverage through the Establishment Benefit and Unseeded Acreage Feature.

Establishment Benefit

An Establishment Benefit provides coverage for Crop Insurance customers who have crops that fail to establish or suffer a loss prior to June 20.

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Unseeded Acreage

Producers who are not able to seed prior to June 25 due to wet acres may be eligible for the Unseeded Acreage feature.

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Alternate Seeding Methods

SCIC expects producers, who may be considering alternative seeding methods like broadcast and harrow, to follow recommended seeding practices. If the crop fails to establish, compensation will not be available. Crops which successfully establish are eligible for ongoing yield-loss coverage.