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Industry Advisories

SCIC posts AgriStability Industry Advisories periodically to provide information about Program deadlines, features and changes.


Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC) Guidelines

Guidelines and Handbook

  • Includes: Canadian Agricultural Partnership guidelines (2018-2022 program years); Growing Forward 2  (2013-2107 program years) guidelines and handbook; and Growing Forward 1 (2008-2012 program years) guidelines and handbook.
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*NEW* Technical Information Circulars

  •  Filing the Appropriate Forms

  •  Negative Margins and Deemed Crop Insurance Benefits

  •  Audit Verification and Accuracy of Information

  •  Ending Participation in AgriStability

Program Handbook

  •  2018-2022 Program Years


    2013-2017 Program Years

Commodity Code Guides

  •  2020 Commodity Code Guide

  •  2019 Commodity Code Guide

  •  2018 Commodity Code Guide

  •  2017 Commodity Code Guide

Instruction Guides & Worksheets

  •  Supplemental Information Form (Instructions)

  • 2020 New Codes

  •  Corporations/Co-operatives/Other Entities Form (Instructions)

  •  Interim Benefit Application (Instructions)

  •  Accrual to Cash Conversion Worksheet

  •   Crop Inventory Calculation Worksheet

  •  Livestock Inventory Calculation Worksheet

  •  Year-End Inventory Check Worksheet

AgConnect Application

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