Listed below are the various administrative and program forms for participating in AgriStability.

Individual producers (sole proprietors) must submit their income and expense (tax) information on the T1163 form to the Canada Revenue Agency, who will share this information with SCIC. Corporations and Co-operatives must submit all AgriStability Program forms to SCIC. An individual’s supplemental information (inventories, receivables, payables, deferrals and purchased inputs) must be submitted directly to SCIC.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Forms

AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Information and Statement of Farming Forms:

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To aid in processing your forms, you can submit the same information to SCIC using AgConnect.

Getting started with AgConnect

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AgConnect is SCIC's online application for reviewing and submitting AgriStability information. Available 24/7, access your AgriStability information online anytime.

Questions? Contact our AgriStability call centre at 1-866-270-8450 or visit any of our 21 customer service offices.

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2021 Program Year Forms

2020 Program Year Forms

  •   2020 Supplemental Information (Fillable)

  • 2020 Supplemental Information (Printable)


    2020 Corporations/Co-operatives/Other Entities (Fillable)

  • 2020 Corporations/Co-operatives/Other Entities (Printable)


    2020 Accrual and Hybrid Inventory Amendment


    2020 Greenhouse and Nurseries Productive Capacity


    2020 Ranch Fur Operations Productive Capacity


     2020 Sod Operations Productive Capacity

2019 Program Year Forms

  •  2019 Supplemental Information

  •  2019 Corporations/Co-operatives/Other Entities

  •  Accrual and Hybrid Inventory Amendment

  •  Greenhouse and Nurseries Productive Capacity


    Ranch Fur Operations Productive Capacity

  •  Sod Operations Productive Capacity

Administrative Forms

  •  Additional Information (Fillable)

  • Additional Information (Printable)

  •  Amendment Request (Fillable)

  • Amendement Request (Printable)

  •  Appeal Submission Form (Fillable)

  • Appeal Submission Form (Printable)

  •  Cancel Participation Form (Fillable)

  • Cancel Participation Form (Printable)

  •  Change Business Type Form (Fillable)

  • Change Business Type Form (Printable)

  •  Change Contact Person Form (Fillable)

  • Change Contact Person Form (Printable)

  •  Change Participant Information Form (Fillable)

  • Change Participant Information Form (Printable)

  •  Direct Deposit Form (Fillable)

  • Direct Deposit Form (Printable)

  •  Participant Initial Declaration Form (Fillable)

  • Participant Initial Declaration Form (Printable)

  •  Transfer In From Out of Province - Checklist (Fillable)

  • Transfer In From Out of Province - Checklist (Printable)


  •  Accrual to Cash Conversion Worksheet

  •  Crop Inventory Calculation Worksheet

  •  Livestock Inventory Calculation Worksheet

  •  Year-End Inventory Check Worksheet