Upcoming Crop Insurance Deadlines

November 15, 2020 is the deadline for producers to submit their Production Declarations, register a claim and request an Extension of Insurance.

Posted Nov. 09, 2020

Producers are encouraged to submit their Production Declaration as soon as they have finished harvest.

The information contained in a Production Declaration is used to calculate annual yield. If a Production Declaration is not completed, annual yield will be set at zero, reducing future coverage.

Production Declarations must be submitted before registering a post-harvest claim. This makes the claim process more efficient, so please submit information as soon as possible.

Simply phone, email, fax or mail your Production Declaration to your local SCIC office or file using our online application, CropConnect.

Need More Time to Complete Harvest?

The deadline to request an extension of insurance is November 15, 2020. Producers who receive an Extension of Insurance and are in a claim position will receive a claim payment based on their crop production information and SCIC’s appraisal of the unharvested crop.