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Livestock & Livestock Price Insurance
Livestock Price Insurance Program Settlement Periods

SCIC reminds producers participating in the Livestock Price Insurance Program (LPIP) to review their policy and settlement prices prior to the policy’s expiration date.

Livestock & Livestock Price Insurance
LPI Saskatchewan Premium Rebate Extended to December 31, 2020

The Livestock Price Insurance Program (LPI) rebate will be extended to December 31, 2020. The LPI rebate was implemented by the Government of Saskatchewan in response to increased market volatility related to COVID-19.

Livestock & Livestock Price Insurance
Calf Price Insurance Purchasing Hours Extended

Calf Price Insurance Purchasing Hours Extended to 10:00 am. Friday, June 19, 2020

Livestock & Livestock Price Insurance
Enrol in LPI and get coverage against market instability

Saskatchewan producers are entering fall with uncertainty about their livestock operations. Due to the impacts of a dry summer, high feed costs and potential for a lengthy fall/winter feeding season, their breakeven point and risk levels are unclear. The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) would like to remind producers they can reduce the risk of market uncertainty and protect the value of their cattle with The Livestock Price Insurance Program (LPI). In the past five years, over $12.7 million has been paid in claims through LPI.