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Is it time to participate in AgriStability?

AgriStability is a cost-effective business risk management program designed to help farm operations facing large margin declines. At $4.50 for every $1,000 covered Contribution Reference Margin multiplied by 70 per cent the annual AgriStability fee is $3.15 for every $1,000 of margin covered. For Saskatchewan producers, the average cost to participate is $0.69 per acre for grain operations, or $1.19 per head for livestock operations.

Crop Insurance
Weather-Based Programs Support Livestock Producers

SCIC's Weather-Based Programs are designed to protect producers against weather-related risks. Programs include the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program, Mixed Forage Rainfall Insurance Program, Intercrop Rainfall Insurance Program, Corn Rainfall Insurance Program and Corn Heat Unit Insurance Program.

Crop Insurance
What makes up your Crop Insurance premium?

The Crop Insurance Program continues to respond in times of need. Producers’ coverage and premium are individualized to their operation. Coverage reflects each producer’s production records and premium reflects each producer’s claim history.

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SCIC is a 2024 Saskatchewan Top Employer!

Here are some of the reasons why Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation / SCIC was selected as one of Saskatchewan's Top Employers (2024).