Livestock Price Insurance

Livestock Price Insurance (LPI) enables livestock producers to protect themselves against unexpected price declines, by allowing them to purchase insurance coverage while still being able to take advantage of favourable market conditions, if livestock prices should rise.

What is Livestock Price Insurance?

Livestock Price Insurance is a simple risk management tool that allows producers to purchase price protection on cattle and hogs, in the form of an insurance policy. It provides producers with protection against an unexpected drop in prices over a defined period of time. This provides protection for the factors beyond the producer's control which influences the markets.

Coverage is based on a number of market-driven factors and reflects a forecasted price (including currency and basis) over the length of the policy.

Settlement of the insurance is based directly on Western Canadian cattle/hog markets, not on an individual producer's actual sales. Settlement indices are calculated weekly for the cattle products and monthly for the hog product. The settlement prices are designed to reflect current Western Canadian prices.

Producers can purchase price insurance options for their calves, fed cattle, feeder cattle and hogs.

  • Calf - The calf product is offered in the spring (February - end of May) and covers the price risk a cow-calf producer faces selling calves in the fall market. The settlement index is based on the average price of a 600 pound steer.
  • Feeder - The feeder product covers the price risk a cattle feeder faces when marketing. The settlement index is based on the average price of an 850 pound steer.
  • Fed - The fed product is offered year-round for cattle being finished in Western Canada. Producers can also purchase a fed-basis option to protect against basis risk.
  • Hogs - The hog product offers hog producers protection against a decline in prices over a defined period of time. Hog producers choose from a range of policy lengths and price coverage.

Available through SCIC

Producers can reach out to SCIC to learn about LPI, how to sign up and how to purchase price insurance policies. Please contact your local SCIC office.

LPI is a Western Canadian program involving the federal government, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is the central administering agency of the program providing premium calculations, establishing forward prices, collecting market data to settle claims and providing technological support for the operating system.

Livestock Price Insurance Program