CropConnect allows you, as a Crop Insurance customers, the flexibility to conduct more of your business online and reduce or eliminate paperwork. This online application provides you complete personalized information and is conveniently accessible from any device.


About CropConnect

With this online application, you can enter insurance selections, estimate costs with the insurance calculator, add or delete crops, select options (Organic, Forage, Diversification and others) and select the level of coverage (50%, 60%, 70%, 80%).

In addition to selecting your coverage needs, you can also fill out Seeded Acreage Reports, production and stored grain declarations or file a claim. CropConnect gives you the ability to view your up-to-date yield and claim history and your latest account statements. Additional information can also be added such as chemical, fertilizer and additional land, whether it is insured or not.

At any time in the process, CropConnect allows you to save your information and print off a paper copy for your records. You can also view historical information on previously reported years.

SCIC's computer system is updated immediately when you use CropConnect. This means work on your file will begin much sooner, resulting in quicker processing.

Getting Started with CropConnect

All customers have been assigned an activation code for accessing CropConnect.

If you do not know your activation code or are new to the program, visit your nearest SCIC customer service office or phone 1.888.935.0000 and a customer service representative will help you get started with CropConnect.

To logged into CropConnect, click here.


Tips and Tricks

CropConnect allows you to complete your Seeded Acreage Report with ease. It gives you the ability to enter your seeded acreage information by crop or legal land description.

You can input your Seeded Acreage Report information as you complete seeding, field by field. You no longer need to wait until you have finished seeding for your entire farming operation before you submit your report.

CropConnect allows you to generate documents, including: Seeded Acreage Reports, coverage details and preparation forms. This format allows you to send a copy to your email account for your personal files.

CropConnect gives you access to all of the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation’s Online Calculators. With your crop information at your fingertips, you can calculate your generic coverage and premiums with the current year’s price information.

Privacy and Security

Customers have the ability to update and control their personal settings. Passwords, email addresses and security questions can be updated and changed at your convenience. Your information is kept secure in accordance with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

CropConnect Information - Download PDF 

Everything you need to know to get started with CropConnect.

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