Access your AgriStability information online – anywhere, anytime.


About AgConnect

AgConnect is SCIC’s web-based application for reviewing and submitting AgriStability information. Available online 24/7, access your AgriStability account anytime from your home office, your kitchen table or anywhere you conduct your farming business.

Using AgConnect will help you to:

  • access your AgriStability information in one place – available online 24/7
  • eliminate the paperwork and tracking multiple files
  • easily file your forms online
  • view important historical information about your account
  • send supporting documents electronically

Complete and submit your AgriStability Program forms electronically with AgConnect. Once you log into your secure account, you will also have access to all of your historical program information including your annual Enrolment/Fee notice, benefit history, record of form submissions and detailed Calculation of Benefits.

Plus, when you complete information through AgConnect, SCIC's computer system is updated immediately. This means work on your file can begin much sooner, resulting in quicker processing of your application.


Getting Started with AgConnect

All customers have been assigned an activation code for accessing AgConnect. If you do not know your activation code or are new to the program, visit your nearest SCIC customer service office or phone 1.866.270.8450. We have a great team who can help get your AgConnect account activated.

To log into AgConnect, click here.


Tips and Tricks

Since AgriStability uses the same numbers you provide to your accountant or form preparer, it’s easy to complete and submit your forms online. Plus, AgConnect stores your data each year you use it. So if you filed online last year, your previous information is at your fingertips.

AgConnect has three options to ensure your AgriStability information is submitted. It's a matter of choosing what combination will work best for you.

• Enter/View Data – Use interactive eForms to complete AgriStability information. Many of the eForms are responsive, conveniently displaying drop-down lists and autofill text boxes. Once information is entered into the eForms, it is automatically saved to AgConnect. This protects your work if something should happen or if your session ends. Autosave also allows you to return to complete forms at a later date.

• Import from Excel – Download the Excel form and gather all necessary information at your own pace. Once completed, simply upload the file to AgConnect. If you missed something when completing the Excel forms, AgConnect will alert you to any required additional information before submissions can be completed.

• Send a File – To attach supporting documentation, such as: sales receipts, inventories, payables, deferrals and purchased inputs.

If you choose to submit your tax information to SCIC, you are still required to send your tax information to the Canada Revenue Agency.


Privacy and Security

Customers have the ability to update and control their personal settings. Passwords, email addresses and security questions can be updated and changed at your convenience. Your information is kept secure in accordance with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

AgConnect Information - Download PDF 

Everything you need to know to get started with AgConnect.

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