Program Fees

All producers participating in AgriStability must pay annual fees. Information will be included on the Enrolment/Fee Notice producers receive.

Annual Fees

The program fee is $4.50 for every $1,000 of covered Contribution Reference Margin, multiplied by 70 per cent. This works out to be $315 for every $100,000 of reference margin. A $55 fee is also applied to help cover administrative costs.

Ending Participation

Once enrolled, your AgriStability coverage will continue until it is cancelled. Each year an Enrolment/Fee Notice is sent to all participating producers. If you do not want to participate, you must return the Enrolment/Fee Notice with the cancel participation option selected, by the stated deadline. If that date is missed, your coverage will be considered active for the year and the program fees will need to be paid.

Complete the Cancel Participation Form and notify SCIC by the applicable deadline if you wish to cancel your enrolment.

Contact Persons

In naming a contact person, you authorize that person to receive, provide or make changes to information on your behalf concerning the AgriStability Program. When SCIC requires additional information, they will contact the parties listed as your contact person(s) prior to contacting the participant. Written correspondence may be sent to both you and your contact person.

Your contact person will stay the same unless you request a change, which can be done by completing the Change Contact Person Form.