Reference maps including seeding calculator, insurable areas, soil zones, risk zones and frost.

Seeding Date Tool

This tool provides the final date full liability may be accepted on insurable crops. The map provides dates based on townships and rural municipalities, using first fall frost dates. June 20 remains the final seeding deadline for all crops. Crops seeded between the SCIC recommended date and June 20 will be compared to other crops in the area if a seeding date related loss occurs, like frost, or may impact a request for an extension of insurance where all others have completed harvest.  This area comparison may reduce liability. Note, some crops have absolute final seeding dates that are earlier than June 20. Please refer to terms and conditions for chickpeas, hemp, soybeans and corn.

Insurable Crops

Certain crops are only insurable in a targeted area of the province. The following maps outline the townships where these crops can be insured.

Weather - Based Program Maps

Forage Rainfall Insurance Program and Corn Heat Unit Program


Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture