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Reduce the risk of market uncertainty with LPI

POSTED: May 6, 2019

Producers who want to purchase calf price insurance for 2019 calves have until May 30, 2019, to purchase a policy. Producers can access coverage for spring born calves that are marketed in the fall. Last year, the calf insurance program sold the second largest amount of policies since inception with approximately 15 per cent of the eligible marketable calves insured.

Policies are available for purchase every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with coverage levels ranging from 95 to 75 per cent of the calculated forecast price. Additional convenience and flexibility is provided to LPI participants with Payment on Account. With this added payment option, producers have until the expiration of their policy to complete their premium payment. Interest is charged 15 days after the purchase on outstanding balances. Statements are generated monthly. Producers using the Payment on Account option can purchase a policy online, or new this year, over the phone with an SCIC representative. To avoid paying interest, producers can pay premium up front, online, by mail or in person.

Since the fall of 2018, hog producers have faced financial difficulties due to oversupply in the U.S. The Western Hog Price Insurance Program is also available to Saskatchewan producers. The Western Hog Price Insurance Program is designed to provide producers with protection against declining hog prices. Hog producers have the option to purchase an insurance policy based on a forecasted hog price. When the policy expires, the coverage purchased is compared to a settlement price. If the settlement price is below the insured price, producers are eligible to submit a claim.

The deadline to purchase calf price insurance is May 30, 2019. Feeder, Fed and Hog price insurance is available year-round to Saskatchewan Producers. For more information about LPI, please contact a local SCIC office, call 1-888-935-0000 or visit lpi.ca.

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