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Deadline for filing Post-Harvest claims, Production Declarations and requesting an Extension

POSTED: Nov 1, 2019

With a poor growing season impacted by frost, hail and dry conditions, along with a challenging harvest the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) reminds producers losses in both yield and quality are covered under the Crop Insurance Program. Post-harvest claims are filed when a producer’s actual crop yield and/or quality does not meet their coverage level. If producers are in a claim position, the sooner they report production, the sooner the claim is processed and payment issued. Even if a producer is not in a claim position, it is important to complete their production declaration every year to build their personalized insurance package, which can impact their overall coverage.

Producers can file their production declaration form and register a claim online using CropConnect. If they do not want to submit their information online, producers can complete the form (mailed to them in September) and return it by mail, fax or phone, or drop it off at any of the 21 SCIC offices across the province.

SCIC understands many producers are in a tough situation this season. If producers are experiencing delays and will not be finished harvest by the deadline, they should contact SCIC by November 15 to request an extension of insurance. An extension of insurance provides over winter coverage for yield and quality loss on insured crops and gives producers more time to complete harvesting.

To register a claim or request an extension of insurance producers can contact their local SCIC office or call toll-free 1-888-935-0000. To access more information, visit

About SCIC

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is a provincial Treasury Board Crown Corporation under the portfolio of the Minister of Agriculture. The Corporation provides local service to Saskatchewan producers and continues to focus on its progress to meet the changing needs of the province's farmers and ranchers. SCIC is responsible for administering a suite of business risk management programs: Crop Insurance AgriStability, Wildlife Damage Compensation Program and the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program. There are 21 SCIC Customer Service Offices throughout Saskatchewan.